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74% of managers believe that their customers associate brand reputation with company management reputation

Forrester Consulting


64% of consumers cite shared values as the main reason connecting them with a brand

Harvard Business Review


69% of job seekers admit that they would reject a job offered by a company with a bad reputation

Gitnux Marketdata Report 2023


Novatore Impact Summit '22 at Hansas Perons

Official partner of Action PR network

Reputation is more important than ever

This is the digital age. All your successes and failures are on display for the world to see. Who you are determines how successful your actions will be – What do you do? What are your values? What will customers support by supporting you? A good reputation opens many doors – customers are more inclined to choose your product or service, the best employees want to work with you, and partners and investors see opportunities instead of risks.

Reputation is not only shaped by your actions but also by communication. Personal and empathetic relationships are the key to success because we trust those we know. The good news is that reputation can be built and managed wisely, aligning it with business strategic goals and measurable returns.

We firmly believe in this, and we trust that there is always room for improvement.

About us

As a boutique agency we consider you – our clients – to be our partners. We ensure that your needs and aspirations are fitted with the best team for the task ahead via a network of freelance professionals. From strategic reputation management and content creation to public speaking training and handling crisis communication emergencies, we'll be by your side at every step of reputation building.


In 2021, we became the official partner of the Action Global Communications PR network in Latvia. This opens up opportunities to leverage world-class knowledge and experience not only in Lithuania and Estonia but across a broader European landscape. 

We follow the latest industry trends and even set them ourselves. We have joined forces with our French partners to create Reputation Time – an international conference for PR professionals. We are an active member of the start-up and innovations ecosystem and a proud organiser of the Digital Freedom Festival.


Getting prizes in prestigious local PR industry events is chic, but our greatest reward is a happy client.

Dagnija has many years of experience in communication management. She is the former head of public relations at Nordea, the largest bank in the Nordic countries, having coordinated the bank's communications in the Baltics and Poland during the global banking crisis. She has also worked as a press secretary and communications advisor for the Minister of Foreign Affairs. She has received a Master's Degree in Political Science and Communications from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).


Dagnija is the former head of Latvian Public Relations Association and was Regional Coordinator of the European Association of Communication Directors (EACD). Her contributions have been acknowledged with numerous awards, including The Golden Button, a prestigious award for Latvian PR professionals. She has also received several Baltic PR Awards, the leading communications management contest in the Baltics. She has organised ReputationTime Riga conference.

Dagnija is enthusiastic about start-ups and technology. That’s why she along with her associates founded the Digital Freedom Festival, an international tech conference in Riga, and co-founded the Latvian Star-tup Association. Dagnija frequently participates in start-up events in Latvia and abroad. 

As a an advocate of women leadership she has co-founded public speaking platform "Oratore", for developing public speaking skills; and “Novatore” - business consultancy for women economic empowerment.

Since 2022 Dagnija has been elected as a chairwoman of Latvian Transatlantic organisation (LATO), which promotes Latvia' s membership in NATO.

In her spare time, she enjoys trekking, experimenting with various productivity hacks, painting and reading philosophical books.

Dagnija Lejiņa

Founder & CEO of Lejiņa & Partners

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  • With a carefully crafted reputation strategy and precise execution, we can open the doors to a flawless reputation. And yes, your own name is important as well – that too is a brand that needs to be nurtured.

  • Handling your media relations with our experience and extensive network of media contacts, we make sure your news reach the right people. If need be, we will also add digital communications.

  • Being in the centre of attention can be difficult. Communications training will help you keep calm and find the right words when the cameras and microphones point at you. We will always be exactly one phone call away.

  • As the saying goes, great content without the right form is just one half of the victory. So we care about both: content development together with design is another one of our strengths.

  • The reputation of a company depends not just on its communication with clients, but also on its relationship with its employees, partners and all the other people who are responsible for your successes and failures. We help create everyday Corporate communications for all the involved parties.

  • And yet, some unexpected things are bound to happen. We know it, and we have been through it. So when the crisis comes, we keep a cool head and a clear mind, quickly developing and executing strategy that delivers clear information and damage control.

  • We can be both the 'brains' and the 'hands and feet', so we keep our finger on the pulse. Words are powerless without actions. We care not only about your public announcements, but also about press events, conferences, seminars which bring together the people you need.

  • We work with various tools that ensure successful communication in the digital realm – responsive websites for conferences and more (WiX Studio), ticket and payment systems (Fienta, Stripe), newsletters and email marketing (MailerLite). We create, maintain, or transfer these tools to the client, depending on their desire and readiness to master these resources themselves.